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Me about 8 months after bite 2
Me about 8 months after bite 2

I was first bit in 1996 fishing in the marsh. Of course I had to climb through weeds to get to a bunch of red fish with my first husband. We were at my parents camp, which my dad had turned off the water. We figured it was late and our intentions were to fish again the next day. When we got home we both had a tick in our inner thigh. We had horrible bullseye rashes. However, living in the New Orleans area we thought Lyme was something deer got, not people. We both blew it off. I never had symptoms at first, but he changed so much by 1998. Between his pain and yelling at me for flirting with people who weren't there I knew something was majorly wrong. I begged for one year for him to get help. I finally had to leave and later he took his life. In 2001, one year after my youngest son was born I started with a migraine that lasted 1.5 years only with short breaks during the day. I had an MRI that showed lesions on my brain and in 2010 disability said I had brain damage from mini strokes. I was also positively diagnosed with MS. I am negative today. It wasn't until a tick was found in the back of my head in 2014 with another bullseye that I knew something was seriously wrong. It started with hip pain, then a migraine, a seizure, Bell's palsy, couldn't speak or walk, and progressively went downhill from there. I was diagnosed with ALS, MS, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety disorder and the famous one, "You need a psychiatrist!" I downloaded webmd and started plugging in my symptoms and out pops Lyme disease or Fibromyalgia. We now know Fibromyalgia is a symptom of an underlying health condition. It took me several more months to learn I needed an LLMD and finally one year to the date of my 2nd bite I started treatment. I went into remission 9 months later only to be re-activated via a mosquito. This was 10/2016. Re-infected spiking Bartonella in June/2017. Suspected spider or mosquito again. Just had an MRI and all lesions are gone except a tiny one which was from a mild stroke. 

Co-infections: Mycoplasma pneumonia, Qfever, Bartonella, Babesia, and activated EBV, CMV, Herpes Zoster, HHV-6, and Herpes Simplex 2. All bites were in Southern Louisiana except the one in 2014 it was in Shreveport.

I also passed only Lyme to both of my boys. My eldest has been reinfected again by a mosquito and is very sick as I write this. My youngest has a lump now under his nipple that he chose not to tell me about for an entire 2 months. It’s now larger than the nipple and we are going to doctor today, May 1, 2018.

I had a recent scare. We thought I was in remission last June. We didn’t find anything when we did blood tests. Come January/2018 I started having periodic bone aches in my legs and by mid February it was neck down and crushing constant pain. My blood work was insane. Wbc of 158,000, platelets 660,000, no lymphocytes, and high neutrophils. I was advised to see an Oncologist. I went to MD Anderson Cancer Center to find out Lyme, Bartonella, CMV, and EBV was in my bone marrow. I was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia. Thankfully they knew my brother. It was the same group of doctors who treated his wife for cancer. Sadly, we lost her in Novemeber/2017. I was advised to do umbilical cord stem cells and I’m recovering very well even with it being such a short time. I had this done April 11, 2018. I will update as I see how well this is taking. So far all neuro issues are gone, no seizures since it was done, no migraines, pain has been cut by a good 70%, I don’t need glasses anymore, I had stage 1 kidney disease and now I’m negative, I can now speed walk 2 miles, swim one mile, and run 1/4 of a mile. I truly believe this was my miracle I needed. Now, I need to have the same miracle for my son.

It’s May 24, 2018 and I’m 100% myself again. Stem cells are amazing