Worldwide Lyme Awareness & Assistance

Lyme patients Verified
Lyme patients Verified


Dr Joseph Burrascano’s Advanced Topic’s in Lyme Disease

STEM CELLS - Ghaly Center ( Mention this site; get a free phone consult)

Lyme & Co-infections Test covered by insurance

Cunningham Panel test for Neuropsych Disorders

Lyme Light Foundation

Lyme Cares Non-profit

Lyme doctors DNA Connextions

Welness for Humanity Foundation

Dare to Self Care

Lyme Kaiser Financial Assistance

Patient Help Network

Cheap Insurance for Kids

Global Alliance Financial Assistance

Living Lyme Financial Assistance

Lyme Disease Challenge Financial Assistance

Hands Up For Lyme Patients helping Patients

What is Lyme, memorials and Assistance

Chara Biologics Umbilical Stem Cells; My testimonial

WTH Foundation for free in-house Amp Coil for 4 months

Lyme Connection Non-profit

Lyme Facts & Related Health Issues/Facebook

Worldwide Lyme Awareness & Assistance/Facebook

Pekana Detox and Lymphatic Drainage

Infusions for picc lines in Florida

Infusions for Picc Line in Western USA

Financial Aid for HealthMedication Assistance

Bridges to Access Medicine

Clinal Trials to be part of

Free of Charge Prescription Programs

Igenix Testing

Financial Assistance for Lyme Disease Patients

Hand in Hand grants for Lyme

Needy medications

Lyme Aid For Kids

Lyme Test Access Program/Lyme TapLyme Warrior Helps W/-Research & packages for Kids

Net Wish

Free Flights and Transportation/ Angle Flight

Modest Needs/Post Your Needs

Co-Pay Assistance

Government Benefits by State

National Association of Area Agencies on Aging

Infusing For Lymies

FDA Approved Prescription Assistance

Prescription Savings Cards

RX Hope/Prescriptions for the Needy

Ticked Off Foundation/Financial Assistance Anyone over 26yrs old

Wish Upon a Hero

Grants for children 21 and under

Healfundr/Funding Platform for Medical Causes

Lesko Free and Low Cost Healthcare

Glass Ball Foundation Financial Assistance

Feeding America

Lyme Disease Organization Grants

Tick Testing

medical insurance filing assistance

Igenix testing covered by Medicare

DNA Connextions Lyme Panel

Alettes Medical Laboratory Allergy & Immunology

Heavy Metals Hair Analysis

Blue Spring Wellness Pure Prime EMU Oils

Bioscrip for IV antibiotics. write me about hardship program

Mold testing within the body

Hair Analysis for Heavy Metals

More Financial Assistance/Medical PlusUnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation Medical Grants

LDA Grant Program

Modest Needs: Apply for Help

Free or Low Cost Healthcare

livlyme grants for those age 21 and under

Indiana Lyme Connect Assistance

Voice America Health & Wellness Channel

Option Care Infusion has hardship programs for IV antibiotics

Direct Labs helps pay for other tests you may need

Fry Labs uses blood smear & microscope to diagnose

Breanna’s ecards for the Chronically ill

children’s grants up to $10,000

Medlineplus Financial assistance

Touched By Lyme Prescription Assistance

AAA Members Prescription Assistance

Legit Scripts List of Legit online Pharmacies

Progressive Rx for patients and animals; Oregon isn’t allowing these shipments

Walmart Assistance and Infusions for IV

Answers for help with medical bills

The Meal Train for those who can’t afford food

Netwish for families struggling financially

Program for Malarone and Mepron

clinical Trials for various diseases

PPA assists in Finding the best Prescription Assistance

Health care assistance for pets

Feline (cat) Emergency Assistance

RX Assistance Program

Medline Plus financial assistance

PrescriptionRX for people and animals help with medical bills

GSK Meds for uninsured

Government Clinical Trials

My Lyme Data; Lymedisease. org


Swiss Medica Clinic; Boca Raton, Fl & Redding, CA

Himalayan Salt Lamps 7 Health Benefits

Haleotherapy or salt therapy Benefits

Morgellons Awareness & Reference Guide

Morgellons Testing

Metrix Morgellons test only lab recording positives

How To Treat Morgellons Disease History of Morgellons Disease


Hawaii naturopathic treating lyme


Dr Mark Ghalili Los Angelos, CA

The Ghaly Center/free phone consult mention this website

Autoimmune diseases with possible links to lyme


Lupus resources

Know Lupus, Fibromyalgia and other autoimmune diseases

Fibromyalgia Tests Available

Alzheimer’s Resources

Multiple Sclerosis Resources

Parkinson’s Resources

ALS Resources

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Myesthenia Gravis Resources

Lyme Disease Guide

POTS Syndrome

MSIDS; multi systemic immune diseases

Lyme and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome


Dr. Nicola McFadzean

Lyme Repair Home Health

Dr Hugh Derham ILADS/LLMD

The Grove Health Clinic

mold toxicity doctor

Sarcoidosis and Lyme Non-profit/Charity

Lyme Disease Argument proves to exist in Australia

VITALITY for mold and chronic illnesses

Lyme Disease Association Australia

Lyme Australia Resources & more

Sydney Lyme Clinic

Transformational Medicine

Tick Testing

RCPA Lyme testing

Blue Spring Wellness Pure Prime EMU Oils

pharmaceutical Journal

Medical Ozone Clinic

Health Space Clinics Northern Beaches & North Shore

Breanna’s ecards for the Chronically ill

Tick of Charity Registration

Australian Government Research for Debilitating Symptoms

Handbook for naturopathic doctors

youth disability

Lyme Disease Stats in Australia

Restore Medicine for patients in Australia

NIIM Gold Coast Hyperbaric & More Lyme Treatment

Gold Coast Hyperthermia

Bionexus Health/LLND Satellite

BICOM - Bioresonance by Petra


Himalayan Salt Lamps 7 Health Benefits

Haleotherapy or Salt Therapy Benefits

Morgellons Awareness & Reference Guide

Morgellons Testing

Metrix Morgellons test only lab recording positives

How To Treat Morgellons Disease History of Morgellons Disease

Dr. Richard Muir Morgellons specialist/Pediatrics

Salt Caves Toowoomba, Salt Caves Mooloolaba

pharmaceutical company to help Chronic Diseases

Lyme Disease Association of Australia


Dermnetnz Lyme Disease Topics

Symphony of Herbs Lyme testing and Treatment

Treating Lyme Disease with New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussels

RCPA Lyme Disease Testing

SMS Pest Monitoring for Tick Born Disease’s